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30th June 2023

Pofii adds more than 20 domain extensions (TLDs) to our services

Dear Valued Customers and Community, We at Pofii are thrilled to announce that our digital footprint is...

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21st June 2023

Pofii Is The Fastest Web Hosting Platform Globally!

We at Pofii are thrilled to announce an incredible achievement that's been months in the making: Pofii has...

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19th June 2023

Pofii's story: The oldest web hosting company in the world

In 1492, after successfully discovering America, Christopher Columbus embarked on another less-known, yet...

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10th June 2023

Pofii Unveils Exciting New Services to Enhance Your Online Presence

Introduction: We at Pofii are always looking for ways to better serve our customers and expand our range...

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