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24/7 Live Chat Support
Starting from
9.99 -0.027777777777778 Monthly
Pofii provides 24/7 Live Chat support at an additional fee of €9.99 EUR for continuous real-time assistance. While the live chat for standard users is available for a limited 4-hour duration daily, the premium 24/7 option caters to those seeking immediate support at any time. Additionally, Pofii offers 24/7 support for both email and the ticket system, free of charge, ensuring that users always have access to assistance regardless of their chosen communication channel.
Technical WordPress Support
Starting from
19.99 -0.027777777777778 Monthly
Pofii introduced Technical WordPress Support to offer users an elevated level of assistance, encompassing maintenance, optimizations, and issue resolution, even those client-induced. This premium service aims to provide specialized support that could save clients the potential costs of hiring external developers, while ensuring that the standard WordPress support remains consistent and adheres to industry best practices.